Wisdom Teeth

Adults typically will notice their wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 22. For some individuals, wisdom teeth have space to grow in fully. For others they can remain impacted under the surface or even grow in sideways. When there is no room for the wisdom teeth to appear, you may begin to feel pain or discomfort. In extreme cases, you can develop infections, cysts, tumors, gum disease, tooth decay, or cause damage to adjacent teeth. Regular x-rays can determine the development stage of wisdom teeth and whether you may run into these issues.


Your periodontist may suggest removal of your wisdom teeth if you are experiencing pain. If the teeth are impacted, and not above the surface of the gums, out-patient surgery is recommended. The procedure is performed in the periodontist’s office with a relatively quick recovery period. If the wisdom teeth are not impacted, the periodontist may recommend extraction with a local anesthetic to the area around the tooth.

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