Receding Gums

“Why are my teeth sensitive to cold – like when I drink ice water or eat ice cream?”

“Why are my gums uneven and my teeth yellowish?”

“Why do my teeth look so much longer than they used to?”

“Is it true brushing hard causes gum recession?”

You have what is commonly called gum recession, which is actually bone loss. The gums cover the jawbone and when we see them droop away from the white of the tooth, we have bone loss, visually appearing like our gums have receded. The gums around our teeth can change during our lifetime and for some people it’s usually away from their teeth. When tooth roots become exposed and you appear “longer in the tooth,” you may show premature signs of aging; we may be able to correct this! Once gum recession sets in you may also experience tooth sensitivity to cold drinks or cold air – this can be very frustrating. The roots or the yellow part of the tooth are far more vulnerable to cavities than the enamel or white part of the tooth and we may be able to correct exposed roots.

Gums can recede for many reasons….brushing hard is really not one of them, although we hear it all the time. Dr. Cordini can narrow down for you the probable culprit of your gum recession – and it’s not your toothbrush. Some people are born with thinner gums that can be more easily damaged; many of us unknowingly grind or clench our teeth at night (and we will deny it but our exam will reveal it). Sometimes braces may be part of the cause, and yes all the above can absolutely cause gums to recede – except brushing too hard!


Dr. Cordini will examine your entire mouth carefully and gently with your comfort in mind before taking the time to discuss his findings and suggest all treatment options. Our team will always strive to provide a comfortable and pain-free setting for you.

Gum recession is a condition that can be effectively treated by Dr. Cordini with your own or other types of tissues. Gum rejuvenation or “gum grafting” of different varieties are performed to either 1 or 28 teeth all in one sitting! Dr. Cordini is the foremost expert in full mouth “gum grafts;” if necessary, he grafts full mouths on a regular basis – more than anyone else!

  • Own tissue or donor
  • Pinpoint or no incision gum procedures
  • Bite-guards

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