Loose Fitting

“My bottom denture would never stay in and now my top one keeps falling out. Do I need a new pair?”

Are your dentures no longer fitting well, causing you discomfort? This is not an uncommon problem as most denture wearers require a relining every three to five years, and replacement around every ten years. It is best to see your periodontist when your dentures become loose to determine the appropriate plan, as ill-fitting dentures can cause additional problems if left unadjusted. Dr. Cordini can help you understand that there may be hope for your gradual bone loss with dental implants! He will likely recommend new dentures or relining your current dentures as a quick solution to your problem, followed by placement of dental implants which will ultimately completely restore your youthful eating habits.


Mini-implants: Mini implants are inserted into the jawbone to help retain and stabilize dentures. This is an outpatient procedure that can be accomplished in one visit. This is an extremely effective solution for patients with little jaw bone left – it can literally change lives! Do not be fooled by the word mini; it is a great solution when it can be performed and it usually takes more mini implants to do the job of the standard implant, so cost savings are not as dramatic as some advertisements make you believe.

Standard Implants: Placement of a select number of dental implants can significantly improve quality of life! Typically the more implants placed the more life-like the denture teeth will fit in place. Denture teeth can be

attached by removable snaps at will (snap-in teeth) or be placed in a more fixed fashion and not be removable (solid teeth).

As a current denture wearer you will experience a life changing event with the aid of dental implants. You will be able to smile, talk and chew once again with pain-free confidence!

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