Gummy Smile

“Why are my teeth so small compared to other people?”

“After braces my gums look so much bigger – can I do something about it?”

“I never smile or place my hand over my mouth when I laugh – I show so much gums – what can I do?”

Do you look in the mirror and feel you have a “gummy smile,” but have always thought it was simply how your smile had to be? A gummy smile is a condition where the gums cover too much of your teeth, hiding them and making them appear much shorter than they are. By exposing more crown structure, Dr. Cordini can create for you a much larger and brighter smile!


Dr. Cordini will examine your smile and hear your concerns with your comfort in mind, and then take time to discuss his findings and recommend your treatment. Our team will always strive to provide a comfortable and pain-free setting for you.

In most instances it is extra gum tissue that is the culprit of your unhappiness while other times it’s the underlying skeletal jaw structure. Dealing with gums is much less invasive than dealing with jawbone procedures; and sometimes we can still improve excess jawbone situations with a small procedure which does not allow the upper lip to lift as much thus hiding the excessive gum display.

  • Gum lift
  • Crown Lengthening

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