Dr. Cordini leads the way in utilizing the latest innovations in diagnostic technology and surgical techniques for dental implants and periodontal surgery. He is the first specialist in the area to use Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) – an advanced imaging method that allows dentists to obtain vital three-dimensional information without exposing patients to the high levels of radiation that come from medical CT scans, in conjunction with virtual implant planning. CBCT technology offers a “surgical view” from the front, side and below, helping dentists to determine your bone structure, tooth orientation, nerve canals and pathology. This in-office imaging method is not only more convenient — saving you travel time to and from the hospital and for follow-up examinations after treatment — in some cases, it reveals that an additional surgical procedure may not be necessary.

Dental Implants at Cordini Periodontics in Louisville, KYThe latest 3-D software ensures the utmost precision in guiding the placing of dental implants. Staying at the forefront of innovation allows Dr. Cordini to perform more advanced procedures on a regular basis, often completing periodontal and dental implant surgeries in a single session instead of the multiple surgical interventions that might be required in other offices. Clearly, this is to your advantage; it means less anxiety, shorter healing time, and fewer visits. We are the local specialists who routinely perform full mouth (one-time surgery) gum grafts or transplants with minimally invasive techniques, and we are happy to share personal photos with you of the results.

Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Cordini has extensive experience and an arsenal of treatment options at his disposal, so your treatment recommendation will be customized to meet your unique dental needs. We take pride in consistently exceeding expectations and in our outstanding record of patient satisfaction, positive surgical outcomes and long-term relationships with our patients and their families. From your initial in-depth consultation with Dr. Cordini at our state-of-the-art dental center to every point of interaction with our skilled and caring staff, your individual needs are our priority. Every one of us is committed to making your experience with our practice as satisfying as possible.

Consultations at Cordini Periodontics in Louisvile, KY

Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Cordini practices to help people regain quality of life, re-establish and maintain optimal health, and restore or improve their appearance. He is the area’s only Dental Specialist who has clinically studied and written a Master’s Thesis on rebuilding a jawbone with bone grafts and implants for patients with missing or diseased teeth and crippled jaws; he knows what works, why it works, and how it is best suited for you. His greatest professional and personal satisfaction comes when a colleague cannot discern a surgical site from an untouched neighboring area.

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